The Truth About Vaping

Vaping has recently been in the news a lot more than usual, and each story tells a harrowing tale of how dangerous electronic cigarettes are: they will poison you, kill you, or lure your teen down a road of addiction. These claims are wildly inaccurate and made to strike fear into the hearts of mainstream America. What they aren't telling you is the truth: that vaping is the most effective way to quit smoking and has helped millions find a safer nicotine delivery system.  

As members of the vaping community, it is important for us to be armed with education to quiet the nay-sayers. As infuriating as it is to have to defend your choice (and right) to vape, we will have to keep informing the public that we are not "still smoking" or harming ourselves with this new technology. You just need to prepare yourself with some solid information and a good dose of common sense.

We found an article that gives you a road map to identify and clarify each vaping myth that has reared it's ugly head. The guys at Aspen Valley Vapes put together a list of everything the media has put out there, debunked it, and backed it all with credible sources.  We hope you find their voice as interesting as we did.

To read what they had to say CLICK HERE!