The Importance of Battery Safety

This past week a post on social media has gone viral with-in the vaping community. A young man had a mod blow up in his face causing him to lose several teeth and badly burn his mouth and face. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have seen this happen. Now, I would never want something like this to happen to anyone, but his accident was preventable. Unregulated mods can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing. Here are some pointers to keep you vaping safely.

 If your mod uses 18650 batteries, do me a favor and open it, take out you batteries, and give them a once-over. If it looks dented or torn, it is probably time to replace them. If they look like they are in good condition, think about how long you have been using them. Older batteries tend to lose power over time, therefore not performing as they should. This past month, the shop has seen several customers come in with some pretty terrifying batteries. Torn wraps, broken insulator rings, using a penny as a connection pin...these are all recipes for disaster.  Not sure if your batteries are okay? You are always welcome to get a second opinion at The Vapor Room. We are here to help!

Have you started building your own coils on a RDA (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer)? Learn Ohm's Law! This refers to this resistance your coils have to the heat applied to them. Yes, vaping requires a touch of science. There are several apps for your smartphone you can download for free that will help you calculate your builds. I personally use Vaper's Toolbox. You enter the ohms you want, and it will tell you the type of coil to build.  Also, be sure you have an ohm meter on hand. You should always double check what resistance your coils are reading.

Keeping an eye on your own device seems pretty common sense, but we have to look out for those starting out as well. If you sell or trade your devices on-line, don't be afraid to ask if they are new to vaping. This will prevent unnecessary accidents from happening. If you don't want to give a lesson to a newbie, advise them to visit their local vape shop to answer any questions they may have. 

Vaping can be a great hobby and a lot of fun, but we have to be responsible vapers. Learn how to use your device properly and take the necessary precautions. Let's keep everybody safe....and in one piece.